Conserving the threatened species and critical habitats in the Eastern Ghats of India through Education, Research and Local Participation

Conservation/ Research: Understanding the ecology of the lesser-known Four-horned antelope Tetracerus quadricornis which is endemic to the Indian Subcontinent and considered ‘Vulnerable’ by the IUCN. Our Society is actively getting involved and undertaking conservation efforts involving the local communities.……Read more under    ‘Projects

International Congress for Conservation Biology 2011, Auckland, New Zealand: We would be presenting “Conserving critical landscape connectivity in south India” in December 2011. Read Abstract

Living on the Edge!: One of the indigenous communities - the Irulas of the Western Uplands of Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh, India are gatherers of forest produce and one of the earliest settlers in and around these forests who now barely making a living. LORIS is documenting the indigenous knowledge of Biodiversity Conservation in the region and involving them in its work.

Be part of our work

We invite like-minded people to involve/ collaborate/ volunteer in our conservation efforts. To find out short-term opportunities as interns and volunteers or the various other ways that you can be part of our work.. Click Here

  The Snake and the Tortoise! The monsoon season is the time of the year when news floods many the local media of death or confiscation of the Sand Boa snake and the Starred Tortoise that fall victim to road kills or smuggling. To know more.. Read our Blog post
Conservation Awareness Programmes in Local Schools: We are working with the rural school students to enhance their knowledge of the local biodiversity and its conservation. We are also involved with the Institute of Bird Studies and Natural History at Rishi Valley Education Centre providing environmental education to the High School students. Read more under ‘Projects/ Activities

Capacity Building:

  • One of our Team members has undergone training at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute on ‘Spatial Ecology, Geo-spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing for Conservation’ in March 2011. This would enable us to undertake research studies using state of the art tools like ArcGIS and ERDAS. The training was supported through CLP Alumni Grants.

  • A Team member attended the “International Training in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management” at Amravati University with field work in Pench and Melghat Tiger Reserves. This was led by Dr. Rudy Rudran, Scientist Emeritus of the Smithsonian Institution and organized by Satpuda Foundation, Nature Conservation Society- Amravati, Amravati University and the Maharashtra Forest Department. The training was supported by the Wildlife Conservation Trust, Mumbai.

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