About Us

Where we work: : The Eastern Ghats form one of the nine Floristic Zones of India and is bio-geographically important. They are a broken series of ancient low hills about 1750 Km in length with an average elevation of 750 m. Part of this mountain range runs through the western uplands of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh forming a critical landscape connectivity and is a wildlife/ habitat corridor of conservation significance. While habitat loss and recurring droughts are the biggest threats, fragmentation of the landscape from human use has resulted in isolation of local populations of wildlife.

It was in this context the Society was founded with the aim of conserving the threatened species and critical habitats in the region and registered as LORIS – The Biodiversity Conservation Society under Society Registration Act (XXI of 1860) 35 of 2001.
  The Governing Board:

Bhaskarendra Rao, R.(President)

Suresh Jones (Secretary)

Ramachandra, N. (Treasurer)

Diya Paul (Member)

Santosh Kumar, M.A. (Member)

Meena Kumari, K. (Member)

Rama Mohan, S. (Member)


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