The CLP-supported Follow-up Award is for the project that aims to understand the foraging and breeding ecology of the four-horned antelope in the uplands of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh - India, as well as to initiate conservation work involving local communities.

This is in continuation with the CLP Future Conservationist Award in 2008 that supported survey of potential habitats in Chittoor (West) Forest Division in A.P. to assess their presence, relative abundance, identify habitat features and document the immediate local threats for their survival. Equipment support for this project was received from Idea Wild.

Our finding was presented in the 23rd International Congress of Conservation Biology (ICCB) in 2009 at Beijing.

  • Conserving the Critical Landscape Connectivity: A feasibility study is in progress to work for the conservation of the critical landscape connectivity that exists between the Eastern and Western Ghats and passes through Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. We would be mapping areas of intervention for conservation by involving local communities through improvement of green cover along the identified gaps and pinch points.
  Past Work:
  • Nature Education Programme in Rural Schools around Madanapalle, in Chittoor district, A.P., supported by the Oriental Bird Club, U.K. had the participation of over 700 students from 27 schools. As part of this project, a booklet on the Common Butterflies (41 species) of the region was published in vernacular  collaboration with the Institute of Bird Studies and Natural History, Rishivalley Education Center.

  • Rapid Survey of Critical Habitats and Threatened Species in the forests of Chittoor West yielded 23 species of fauna and 19 species of flora of global conservation significance (IUCN Redlist and CITES). LORIS is monitoring the status of these habitats.

  • The rural community is a repository of traditional knowledge on agriculture, livestock and biodiversity. Documentation of traditional practices related to biodiversity use and conservation is an ongoing activity at LORIS.


  • Is an Organizational Participant in the Citizens' Science Program-Migrantwatch of NCBS, Bangalore.

  • Is associated with the Institute of Bird Studies and Natural History, Rishi Valley Education Center in the area of Environmental Education.

  • Undertook a preliminary survey on 'Traditional Knowledge on Seed Storage Practices' in 11 villages of Rishi Valley Special Development Area (RVSDA) during March 2009 as part of preparation of guidelines for addressing Food Security in the valley.

  • Announced the sightings of White-naped Tits (Parus nuchalis) in Indian Birds 3(5). It is a record after a gap of 150 years from Andhra Pradesh.

  • Is building a database of flora and fauna of the region and monitoring the critical habitats.

Other ongoing activities include documentation of Traditional Knowledge related to Biodiversity and Conservation, mapping of Habitat Corridors, building a database of flora and fauna, monitoring the status of critical habitats in the region, enhancing Conservation Awareness among locals, etc.
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